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Čtený robotem

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Ještě jeden z časopisu Computer, ať se ta fronta trochu vyprázdní. Vyšel 16.1.2013 a byl hned na několik v(d)ěčných témat.

Čtený robotem


Masturbato ergo sum

To je ovšem geniální :-). To by se hodilo jako název stripu...


výborné!!! :-D

The whole family had enjoy reading this comic strip, somehow it brelieves the stress for the whole week of working. - Paul Savramis

Actually it is really almost impossible to find more family oriented strip at bugemos than the present one...

Never underestimate the power... perversion of J and H. Probably the one with headhunting theme, it is a good bedtime story for little childern and the easter strip with whip, handcufs, latex and animal sacrifice... It is unforgetable, especialy for little childern and grandparents.

If only was all spam at Bugemos this inspiring...

Inspiring spam? Wait a moment... Did you get your inspiration for this comic strip from your page security, which literally "makes spambots happy"?

Tak tohle by bylo kulervoucí, i kdyby to nebylo vtipné. Ale je. :)